Sunday, December 28, 2014

"Never Again" an email shared

The feast of Stephen: Middle East's persecuted Christians need our help
By Ralph Peters                                                                   December 26, 2014
On the day after Christmas, I wish those I meet a “Good St. Stephen’s Day.” Personal quirk?  Surely.  But it’s also been my small homage to my faith’s first martyr. And this year his all-but-forgotten feast day has a special relevance.
To most of us, the “Feast of Stephen” is just an obscure reference in the carol “Good King Wenceslas.”  For others, St. Stephen’s a cryptic name in an early Grateful Dead song.  But Stephen was the first example, after Christ, of a believer so firm in his faith that he preferred death to betraying his beliefs. At a time when the disciples and apostles clung to the shadows, fearing persecution, Stephen went boldly to his death by stoning.
Now stoning’s back, along with martyrdom, but we look away.  We refuse to see martyrs among the Middle East’s Christians. Politically correct toward Islam, while scoffing at Christianity and Judaism, we’ve abandoned the concept of martyrdom to our enemies, to devils in human form who, far from being martyrs, are murderers drenched in the blood of countless innocents.  Infernal organizations, such as the Islamic State, Al Qaeda, the Taliban and others, don’t produce “martyrs.”  They create them.
Herod was mild in comparison.
We have watched in near-silence as Christians and other minorities have been evicted from ancient homes and exterminated in a Biblical landscape. As churches shot flames heavenward, we explained away our enemies’ fanaticism and even blamed ourselves for his atrocities.  As two millennia of Christian culture in the Middle East suffered the greatest catastrophe in the faith’s entire history, we invented legal rights for blood-soaked barbarians.
If recent reports from Iraq prove true—that four Christian boys were beheaded for refusing to convert—we are again in an age of martyred saints.  When “the Sea of Faith was once, too, at the full,” Christian Churches, east and west, would have sought the canonization of such believers.  But today displays of Christian devotion are mocked as blithely as Christ with his crown of thorns.
Our entertainers laud their own “courage” for mocking Christians and Jews, but dare not make one joke about Islam. Our leaders care not a jot for the fate of the Christian civilization of the east—which dominated the faith’s first thousand years.  We refuse even to name the enemy honestly.
The term “Holocaust” has been abused by those slovenly in language and in spirit, but we are, indeed, witnessing a Christian Holocaust. And it is nearing completion.
“Never again” is humanity’s emptiest promise.
As a Western Christian, I honor St. Stephen on the day after our Christmas.  Eastern-rite churches hold his feast on December 27th.  But soon there will be no conflicts on the calendar—the Middle-Eastern churches will be gone.
As fearful Peter denied Christ, we have abandoned his churches.
So, on this Feast of Stephen, spare a thought not only for the leftovers in the fridge, but for the driven, kidnapped, enslaved, raped, tortured and murdered Christians our sloth and scorn have left to a hell on earth.
We are the greedy innkeepers of Bethlehem, and we are the gawking crowds at the Crucifixion
Ralph Peters is a retired U.S. Army officer and former enlisted man.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

In The Silence

I have just returned from a Silent Retreat.  What a blessing it is to have silence. It is a little uncomfortable at first, but as the silence settles in and your prayer begins it takes on a new dimension which includes  listening.  Listening for Jesus to touch your heart, to stir your soul to inflame the smoldering embers that may have settled.  The silence is the stoking to stir the fire and yes I discovered that silence works.  It is nothing that the Church hasn't taught us since Jesus walked on earth, but sometimes it takes an invitation to discover the richness of silence and not just for an hour, but in this case, 72 hours. 
I also discovered that nearing the end, I didn't want it to end. 
The Beauty of has been taught for thousands of years, and I finally caught up.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Questions of Brother Michel...

Tomorrow is the anniversary of 9/11.  I ask anyone who reads this to please take time out of your day and pray, especially the Rosary as Our Blessed Mother asked us to at Fatima.  Pray the Rosary for Peace and for all Christians who are persecuted in Christ's name. 
May all who have lost their lives in these times of terror and hate be remembered in prayer for the souls of the departed.  Those who were faithful especially need our prayers, for all the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace. AMEN

The following excerpt was taken from the book: The Mass of Brother Michel, written by Michael Kent

Here after Mass, was now his chief joy. His time, not required elsewhere, he spent in the chapel, reluctant to leave, impatient to return. Here Love spoke to him, poured Its riches upon him, demanded his love, and received it in return. In this interchange the need for words had long since passed: his soul plunged into silence, as a diver into a deep sea, rising to the surface slowly, slowly, after a prolonged submersion so profound that all activity was stilled and even breath ceased. "Oh, mon pere," he cried to Father Andre, "I did not know that prayer could be such joy, I did not think that one could find such happiness on earth! Why do not more know of it? Why do so few pray?"

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Open Wide The Door

While kneeling in Mass this morning waiting for my turn to enter the aisle to process for Communion I looked at the Tabernacle, as I always do.  But today, I saw this vessel which holds Our Holy Lord quite differently. It was empty, doors WIDE OPEN, the faithful walking toward Him.  Jesus was saying "Come, Come and Receive I have opened my arms for you, look at the crucifix, I now open my doors for you, Come! With this image I was energized, for as I was thinking this I heard all the doors of all the Tabernacles in the world opening up LOUDLY, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, at every second of every minute all over, never stopping, never ceasing. It happens every day, no matter what.
No matter what evil  visits us and is around us there is the continual WHOOSH!, of the Tabernacle doors opening wide that we may bring it all to Him and He will give us life and light to survive the trials, decisions, persecutions and doubt that we may be living with. 
So next time, you are in a quiet (or noisy) place, close your eyes and feel the wind from the Tabernacle and know that a door is always opening with His love waiting to be received in The Holy Eucharist.
May the Lord Protect All Who Are Living In Fear .....

Friday, August 15, 2014

Martyrs of the Mountain

May the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace Amen. 

We as Catholics have to be bold in our truth. This is a time for testing. Let us all continue to pray for all those being killed and persecuted in so many horrific ways because of their faith in Our Lord Jesus Christ. Do not take our freedoms for granted for if we do not speak out and stand strong and behave as our faith teaches, we may be the ones fleeing to the mountaintop.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


Please pray for The Christians in The Middle East. Genocide is happening before our very eyes.
Martyrdom is happening before our very eyes. 

John 1:5. "The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has never put it out."

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


This past week The Church honored "The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus", "The Immaculate Heart of Mary", Saint Peter and Saint Paul and the First Martyrs of the Holy Roman Church.

The fire of the love of Christ's heart, the blood that poured from the wound in His side were the beginnings of the martyrs red.  The Immaculate Heart of Mary was pierced with a sword and what would be the color of her pain?   Saint Peter martyred for spreading the Kingdom of God and guide the church as was his task, shed his blood.  Saint Paul martyred for spreading the Gospel far and wide, who once persecuted Christ, shed his blood. The blood of the First Martyrs were the seed along with the Apostles who together nutured the earth with their fertile lives to spread the good news of our Church to all ends of the earth.

Praise be To God, these Holy and Courageous Men and Women and those who are counted among them in our modern days. Let us pray to them for courage to defend our Holy Catholic Church.

Let us pray for Pope Francis to guide us in truth and maybe one day he will again wear the red shoes of the martyrs.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Heart to Heart

I missed posting this for some reason. It ended up in my drafts, but I am going to post it today.
I think truth is good at anytime, even when late....Peace

Yesterday was the Solemnity Of The Most  Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Today it is the Feast Day Of The Immaculate Heart of Mary. Two hearts together pouring out love.  One with the love of a mother, whose heart only listened to God's will and no other. The other the love of each one of us, suffering so much for us that His heart is on fire for us to go to Him.

The church in Her wisdom, The Bride of Christ , has these two days next to each other because they cannot be one without the other. The spouse of the Holy Spirit, Mother of Our Lord, The Lord who came as man through the Fiat of the heart of Mary.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"Make a straight path for the Lord to Follow"


These words from John the Baptist according to the "Gospel of John."  How beautiful the imagery.  In the time of John the Baptist whenever the kings of countries traveled, workers would go out ahead and straighten the road first so His journey would be comfortable and he would arrive the quickest way possible without any hindrance.  John the Baptist was the engineer of the roads.  He would preach each day on how we have to repent to prepare our road to salvation.  "Make a straight path for the Lord to travel."the straight path could mean our spiritual path, our faith life? It would make sense...How could the Lord travel along with us on a path of sin, He could watch, but he couldn't travel because we left him, but if our souls are made straight,( as was St. Paul's on the street called Straight)  toward His will then that path He could walk along side with us as at Emmaus. 
John the Baptist,  one of only three nativity's celebrated in our church. The forbearer of the straight path bringing us into The New Testament,( Prophet Elijah from the Old Testament), introducing us to The Lamb of God, The King of Kings....looking for our straight paths so we can follow him...
    as He said............              "Come, follow me...."

Saint John The Baptist, Martyr, his blood the seed of evangelists of our faith. Pray for Us!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

White and Red

Today, May 21st , is the Memorial in the Catholic Church for Saint Christopher Magallanes who was martyred along with 21 diocesan priests and 3 devout laymen.  They were all members of the Cristeros Movement under the suppression of the anti-Catholic Mexican government.
The priest at daily mass today chose the Optional Memorial to honor Saint Christopher and the other men whose lives were taken for their faith.  He spoke about in his homily, Red Martyrdom and White Martyrdom.  I don't really think I have ever been familiar with the phrase of the White Martyrdom before.  He said the red martyrdom is the easy one, you are killed and it is over.  The white martyrdom is the hard one because you have to die to self.  You have to trim the branches of yourself as a tree so that it can get more sun and grow.  Everyday you need to trim yourself : trim your tongue when you speak ill of others, trim your words when they are judgmental, trim your selfishness when you don't want to do something for someone else because it is inconvenient.  When you continue to trim you die to yourselves for Christ and with this comes suffering, this is an ongoing martyrdom.
I thank God for priests who speak with such beauty and truth.  This speaks to all of us who are in the struggle to live in the world but not of the world. May all who are sons and daughters of the church wear the "glow" of White Martyrdom.
Saint Christopher Magallanes and his companions, Pray for Us. Vivo Christo Rey!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I find it interesting these days, that there are quite a number of people who don't genuflect upon entering the church or before they go into the pew.  I imagine it is a result of poor catechesis, but I would hope the adults would have picked up on it by now.  That is why it is so important that those of us who were taught the reverence of the Presence of Christ in the Tabernacle by genuflecting continue and maybe teach those who don't really know.  I think those that went before us proclaiming Christ would find it a little difficult to understand why people find it so difficult to reverence the Lord and adhere to the teachings of His Bride, Our Holy Mother Church.
The following I think had no problem with any of this:
262 martyrs: Feastday March 25, a second group of 262 martyrs are buried on the Via Salaria, their Feastday: June 17th. 47 Martyrs baptized by St. Peter. They also suffered under Nero:Feastday March 14th. 3 soldiers that converted after witnessing St. Paul's martyrdom were condemned and executed. Feastday July 2. A group baptized by Pope St. Alexander I were taken to Ostia and put on a ship and sent out to sea and then deliberately sunk. Nine Hundred martyrs buried in the catacombs of Callistus on the Appian Way:Feastday March 4th. Many Martyrs who suffered because they refused to surrender the Scriptures to the Roman authorities. Feastday:January 2nd.  The list continues until today.  So in the rememberance of those who have given their lives and those today who are giving their lives for their faith, could we at least genuflect in front of Our Lord and Our God?

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Scape Goat or Sacrificial Lamb

A Dominican Sister recently gave a talk in N.C. About the truth of the Theology of the Body according to Blessed John Paul the II and substantial facts on family, homosexuality, single motherhood and the effects these have on Individuals backed up by factual studies.
This was in a Catholic school. There were many who became upset and left because of what they heard, instead of listening with the heart of Christ.
I saw an interesting observation that  - when evil is not paid attention to it claims intolerance - this is what this is. An evil agenda being pushed onto many and trying to block out the light.
Pray for Sister and those who have the courage to support her and stand for the beauty of the teachings of the church and not quotes by the Pope that are misinterpreted for one's own purpose.
The Pope's remarks are not against any teaching but what he speaks is in the heart of the church. This why we have the Catechism for those who need clarification. It is not hidden away in the dark, it is in the light for all to see. These are the coming days of the new martyrs.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Saint Cecilia

Spoke the Love of Faith in Jesus for 3 days after her throat was cut. This is how she laid and died.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Saint Peter Pray for Us

Last week I had by chance come across the movie, St. Peter, with Omar Sharif on EWTN.  Even if  I do think he was too old to play Peter in his younger years with Jesus Christ, he did convey an emotional reality that exposed the pains and heartache that he must have gone through.  At the end of the movie Peter is being crucified, even though I knew the story it had quite a new impact.  He asked to be placed upside down because he was not worthy to be crucified as Jesus was. 
Again, I thought Saint Peter, who was so filled with remorse for denying Jesus, then became Jesus' Vicar on earth because of the mercy given to him went to his death to be crucified again like Jesus,  Even to death he took his faith and love of Christ. 
I look around and see many good people, but is good enough? I don't think St. Peter wasn't crucified so that we as Catholics can just be good. An atheist could be good.  I look around and see faithful people, faithful to the teachings of the magisterium which all flowed from the teachings of Jesus, yes that is enough... to follow His church and His word and put it into our lives with action and witness. That is what Peter was crucified for. A witness to our faith.
Would we give our lives? The time may come when we will have to make that decision as it is happening in other countries with the persecution of Christians. It is beginning here also.
We are everyday in a way by constantly being the light for the world and being made to feel we are bigoted or prejudice which is only  the first step. 
We need to trust in Jesus, PRAY and realize we need to evangelize the beauty of the teachings of Our Holy Mother Church, let's go save some souls! St. Peter, pray for us!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Living Martyrs

Today, we have living martyrs as well.  Many of them are and have been priests that have been unjustly accused of crimes and are truly innocent but are given up as a sacrifice by the church itself or even those who are acquainted with them.  Yet, they still are good and faithful servants even though they have been shunned, such as Jesus was.  These are the martyrs we can pray for in our time, they are walking, living, breathing martyrs.  Let us always pray for our priests that we, as well as them, have courage to speak the truth of our faith in boldness with love and in confidence that  the Blessed Mother protects us all.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Very First Martyrs Everyday

Who are the martyrs of everyday? The Holy Innocents, just like the innocents were murdered by Herod, precious life is murdered in the womb by the Herods of today. These children are truly the first martyrs, who never even had a chance to be born. They are still trying to kill Christ along with His Church. Pray for them and the mothers. May The Holy Father's words convert their hearts.....along with our prayers...

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Soror Martyrum: Today, for the first time, I begin a blog. I never...

 Today, for the first time, I begin a blog. I never thought I would, but my faith is being attacked more and more by the secular world and the blood of the early church martyrs and those martyrs of today need not be forgotten for their witness.  Their blood is the seed of our faith.  I hope to keep their voices alive in my small part of humbly helping to be their voice when other voices drown them out.  I pray that the Holy Spirit guides me and the The Holy Mother Church which Jesus founded by His Death and Resurrection remains a light for all those who are in the darkness of this life. I hope by this small insignificant blog in the world of millions of blogs that the voice of truth touches someone along the way. So...until next time...Peace