Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Scape Goat or Sacrificial Lamb

A Dominican Sister recently gave a talk in N.C. About the truth of the Theology of the Body according to Blessed John Paul the II and substantial facts on family, homosexuality, single motherhood and the effects these have on Individuals backed up by factual studies.
This was in a Catholic school. There were many who became upset and left because of what they heard, instead of listening with the heart of Christ.
I saw an interesting observation that  - when evil is not paid attention to it claims intolerance - this is what this is. An evil agenda being pushed onto many and trying to block out the light.
Pray for Sister and those who have the courage to support her and stand for the beauty of the teachings of the church and not quotes by the Pope that are misinterpreted for one's own purpose.
The Pope's remarks are not against any teaching but what he speaks is in the heart of the church. This why we have the Catechism for those who need clarification. It is not hidden away in the dark, it is in the light for all to see. These are the coming days of the new martyrs.