Saturday, June 13, 2015


Faithful Christians are being murdered and persecuted because they will not give up their faith or denounce it in any way. Young, old, men and women alike.  Isn't this what the early church martyrs died for as well?  They do them service that throughout Church history people were killed for their faith. 
Do those of us that can still go to church freely realize the great humility we need to show? It would bring one to genuflect as soon as we enter the Lord's presence in church, receive Him in Communion with reverence and purity, knowing that others are dying for that very moment we are receiving Him.
What gifts the sacraments are to those who willingly give themselves over to their graces.  Pray for all Christians, Our Holy Mother Church, The Holy Father, Priests and Seminarians.  They will be in the line of fire, in the frontlines, for our Good Priests give us The Eucharist.  Please pray for the end to this violence of hatred.  Keep Hope in Your Heart.

The ways of The Lord are not comfortable, be we were not created for comfort, but for greatness, for good. ......  Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI