Friday, April 3, 2015

The Mass of The Last Supper

Last Night, Holy Thursday, The Mass of The Last Supper.

After Mass we processed after our Pastor as he carried the veiled ciborium, consecrated hosts to the place where Jesus was then reposed.  Adoration followed until Midnight.  A Holy Night, a night of repentance, a night of reparation, and night of waiting with Jesus and fearing what is going to happen to Him.  And so it began, the betrayal, the beatings and degradation. We were all His Apostles last night, those who waited with him. 
Imagining what it was like for them, waiting with Jesus, fearing what lies ahead.

We all have natural fears of what lies ahead but we know what happens this Sunday, we know our Lord Resurrected, they did not.  The Apostles were left alone, or so they thought.

In front of the Altar of Repose, I knelt and looked upon the tabernacle.  It was so palpable.  He was in there.  I know that He is always in there.  Our faith is certain of this.  There was a living and holy presence it was such that I wanted to tell others there,   "Hey, come and kneel here so you can feel what I feel".. !

 This Triduum takes on a different aspect than others before.  It is because how in this present time our persecuted brothers and sisters are living the passion and have been for a long time now.  Maybe that is what I was feeling kneeling in front of the tabernacle, He is still in tremendous pain.  Please remember them in your prayers, they are the living victims for Christ, as He was once the victim. 

All of them have one thing in common, they are strong in their faith.  Why?  It is because we all know of the Living, Holy Presence of Jesus with us today.  They are the disciples of the day being hunted down, as were the Early Christians.  Let us continue to speak the truth and remember the Holy Dwelling Place where Jesus lives.

Like the Apostles, they may think they are left alone, but with the Resurrected Christ, they know He is with them.  Let us be one with them as well. It may be us someday.