Monday, March 31, 2014

Saint Cecilia

Spoke the Love of Faith in Jesus for 3 days after her throat was cut. This is how she laid and died.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Saint Peter Pray for Us

Last week I had by chance come across the movie, St. Peter, with Omar Sharif on EWTN.  Even if  I do think he was too old to play Peter in his younger years with Jesus Christ, he did convey an emotional reality that exposed the pains and heartache that he must have gone through.  At the end of the movie Peter is being crucified, even though I knew the story it had quite a new impact.  He asked to be placed upside down because he was not worthy to be crucified as Jesus was. 
Again, I thought Saint Peter, who was so filled with remorse for denying Jesus, then became Jesus' Vicar on earth because of the mercy given to him went to his death to be crucified again like Jesus,  Even to death he took his faith and love of Christ. 
I look around and see many good people, but is good enough? I don't think St. Peter wasn't crucified so that we as Catholics can just be good. An atheist could be good.  I look around and see faithful people, faithful to the teachings of the magisterium which all flowed from the teachings of Jesus, yes that is enough... to follow His church and His word and put it into our lives with action and witness. That is what Peter was crucified for. A witness to our faith.
Would we give our lives? The time may come when we will have to make that decision as it is happening in other countries with the persecution of Christians. It is beginning here also.
We are everyday in a way by constantly being the light for the world and being made to feel we are bigoted or prejudice which is only  the first step. 
We need to trust in Jesus, PRAY and realize we need to evangelize the beauty of the teachings of Our Holy Mother Church, let's go save some souls! St. Peter, pray for us!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Living Martyrs

Today, we have living martyrs as well.  Many of them are and have been priests that have been unjustly accused of crimes and are truly innocent but are given up as a sacrifice by the church itself or even those who are acquainted with them.  Yet, they still are good and faithful servants even though they have been shunned, such as Jesus was.  These are the martyrs we can pray for in our time, they are walking, living, breathing martyrs.  Let us always pray for our priests that we, as well as them, have courage to speak the truth of our faith in boldness with love and in confidence that  the Blessed Mother protects us all.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Very First Martyrs Everyday

Who are the martyrs of everyday? The Holy Innocents, just like the innocents were murdered by Herod, precious life is murdered in the womb by the Herods of today. These children are truly the first martyrs, who never even had a chance to be born. They are still trying to kill Christ along with His Church. Pray for them and the mothers. May The Holy Father's words convert their hearts.....along with our prayers...

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Soror Martyrum: Today, for the first time, I begin a blog. I never...

 Today, for the first time, I begin a blog. I never thought I would, but my faith is being attacked more and more by the secular world and the blood of the early church martyrs and those martyrs of today need not be forgotten for their witness.  Their blood is the seed of our faith.  I hope to keep their voices alive in my small part of humbly helping to be their voice when other voices drown them out.  I pray that the Holy Spirit guides me and the The Holy Mother Church which Jesus founded by His Death and Resurrection remains a light for all those who are in the darkness of this life. I hope by this small insignificant blog in the world of millions of blogs that the voice of truth touches someone along the way. So...until next time...Peace