Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Radical Reverence"

Last week I went to Latin Mass which I try to do when I have the chance. It is held at a different parish than mine, so when the time presents itself I take it. Every time I go I wonder , why was it changed? 
I have heard the other side of why people prefer the novus ordo.  But sorry, I don't get it.
I know that Jesus is present and the liturgy is holy and hopefully all is done with reverence, the difference is when I go to the Latin Mass I know it is holy, the reverence is palpable. The Veils are worn, the men are dressed with pride , the children are taught well and the girls are veiled as well. 
The Altar boys are beautifully vested and their posture as wells gives a clue to where they are and who is present. As the priest processes up to the altar we turn toward him and bow as He passes, in Persona Christi. This gesture alone reveals the major difference as mass begins.
At the Holy sacrifice of the Mass heaven meets earth it's just that for me I get there sooner at the TLM.
As I sit at mass I can't help but be moved that Our Holy Mother Church was The Latin Mass. It was her child that the saints sang about, chants were written for and catholics were martyered for. How I miss her,but I am blessed more than most, some people don't have any opportunity for Latin Mass or Mass at all, and they live under persecution. So, all I am asking is for Reverence and beauty to be brought back to all masses of the novus ordo.  I wear the veil at novus ordo daily mass as well as all masses, it is my part to start a movement of "Radical  Reverence". Who would have thought that reverence would be a 2nd thought in some churches these days.
Please join me in praying for holiness in our churches and Pray for our Persecuted Brothers and Sisters and  conversion of hearts.