Saturday, June 28, 2014

Heart to Heart

I missed posting this for some reason. It ended up in my drafts, but I am going to post it today.
I think truth is good at anytime, even when late....Peace

Yesterday was the Solemnity Of The Most  Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Today it is the Feast Day Of The Immaculate Heart of Mary. Two hearts together pouring out love.  One with the love of a mother, whose heart only listened to God's will and no other. The other the love of each one of us, suffering so much for us that His heart is on fire for us to go to Him.

The church in Her wisdom, The Bride of Christ , has these two days next to each other because they cannot be one without the other. The spouse of the Holy Spirit, Mother of Our Lord, The Lord who came as man through the Fiat of the heart of Mary.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

"Make a straight path for the Lord to Follow"


These words from John the Baptist according to the "Gospel of John."  How beautiful the imagery.  In the time of John the Baptist whenever the kings of countries traveled, workers would go out ahead and straighten the road first so His journey would be comfortable and he would arrive the quickest way possible without any hindrance.  John the Baptist was the engineer of the roads.  He would preach each day on how we have to repent to prepare our road to salvation.  "Make a straight path for the Lord to travel."the straight path could mean our spiritual path, our faith life? It would make sense...How could the Lord travel along with us on a path of sin, He could watch, but he couldn't travel because we left him, but if our souls are made straight,( as was St. Paul's on the street called Straight)  toward His will then that path He could walk along side with us as at Emmaus. 
John the Baptist,  one of only three nativity's celebrated in our church. The forbearer of the straight path bringing us into The New Testament,( Prophet Elijah from the Old Testament), introducing us to The Lamb of God, The King of Kings....looking for our straight paths so we can follow him...
    as He said............              "Come, follow me...."

Saint John The Baptist, Martyr, his blood the seed of evangelists of our faith. Pray for Us!