Monday, June 6, 2016

Power of Mercy

Hello Soror Martyrum,

It has been a while since I have written anything.  During Mass or during prayer time outside, I am always inspired by something that I must write about but then when I get the chance to sit it doesn't come as easily as it did during the inspiratory period. Go figure.

So it has been a little unsettling in the world.  We need to be standing strong against those who  want to destroy us, I hear some in a position to make a difference speak out faintly but I become frustrated and disheartened with those who are given the task of guiding the Church and  the direction of saving souls with the truth.  Why so quiet?  There are a few courageous ones who do speak up, they are usually the ones we all know via twitter, internet and speaking events. 
I am asking and looking for the everyday Shepherds who we see day in and day out.  Whose Mass we attend every day, whose homily we listen to with anticipation every day only to be so saddened at the missed opportunity to teach on our faith and to apply it to what is happening in today's culture.  We, those who attend Mass, know that God loves us.  We may not feel worthy of His love, but we know this.  What many don't know is their need of catechesis and most of them only hear and get their knowledge in a homily.  If there are no homilies on abortion and its mortal and grave consequences will they not look elsewhere for their belief system? After all, the priest doesn't speak against it.  Homosexual unions, (marriage, not really) are never spoken about.  Isn't is our calling as baptized Catholics to welcome them but they bring them to the truth and life of the teachings of Christ and that their sinning does not define them? Never hear that in church. How there are such a horrific number of children with no fathers, no family unit where they learn what it means to be a family, where boys learn how to be men by their fathers example and where they see the beauty of the marriage between a man and a woman.  This is where there faith and identity start.  No, we don't hear that either. 
This is the Year of Mercy, where is the mercy? Is it mercy not to speak of sin and to show them how their lives can change with the grace and teachings of Jesus through the Catholic Church? This is Mercy, bringing them to the truth.  Hiding behind Love isn't love it keeps those in sin, in slavery to evil.  This is not Mercy. You only receive Christ's mercy when you receive the gift of grace that you have sinned and want to seek forgiveness through confession to be free to continue to walk in His Grace and be so overwhelmed that He was waiting for you the whole time. This is The Power of Mercy.  It can only be experienced by the truth in all its raw power and life saving goodness.