Sunday, October 4, 2015


Why do I wear a veil to Mass? I have been asked that a number of times or else I hear  "I remember when we used to wear those years ago."  I ask them if they would consider wearing the veil again, the women that used to wear them until Vatican II, and their answer is typical as "been there done that."
I try to encourage them and leave it at that.  I always felt it was one of our churches most beautiful traditions, and it was written in canon law at that time for 1,963 years more or less.  Why did it begin?

Women wore head coverings so their hair wouldn't be the center of attention and there is a humbleness to the practice.  Our Holy Mother and all the women who followed Jesus covered their hair as well.  It was a Jewish practice that became  a part of our faith as well.
A woman wearing a head covering, typically a veil in the Catholic faith, submitted herself to the Lord's presence.  In the presence of Christ we cover our hair to not call attention to ourselves but to call attention that we are in front of Our Lord and we change when we enter in front of the tabernacle. 
So, this has always made sense to me even though I was one of the ones who went without a veil for many years.  But I found the closer and deeper to my faith I became the more I desired to wear the veil.  It distinguishes me from the secular world. It separates me from what is not good and reminds me that as I enter church I am entering the Lord's presence, this is why we genuflect as well, so doesn't it make sense to honor Him with what we wear? How we present ourselves to him?
It also separates us from other Christians in meaning of identity, because of the Real Presence of Christ! Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. It represents to us and others, this is not a symbol but the Real Presence! We are there and He is there, present before us!
Also, in wearing the veil, it becomes like a prayer tent that encompasses your being and helps place you into a prayerful state of mind and being. I have been blessed with other women who attend daily Mass as well that have started to wear the veil.  It takes everyone who is not used to wearing one some bit of time to get used to the idea, they feel as if they are calling attention to themselves.  But what they are really doing, and they eventually realize it, that they are calling attention to being in the Presence of Christ.  It is a holy action.
So, if you are a woman reading this, look at some articles and videos on veiling, if you are a man, encourage the woman in your life to wear a veil.  I have received the most compliments from men that they think it is a beautiful practice and my husband is especially proud of the veil and cannot understand why all women don't wear them! God Bless Him for this support, for I know there are some men who are not supportive of their wives wearing the veil.."too old fashioned".
Whatever the reason you decide it is between you and Our Lord, if you decide to wear one, I promise you will never want to go without one, if you don't, that's OK too, but secretly, I know you really want to.:)  The video below may give you some encouragement, enjoy and May God Bless You.